Laura Hampton
Canyon de Chelly, Black Mesa, 
at Spider Rock 
(Collection of Lawrence and Linda Perlman)Canyon Afternoon, Canyon de Chelly at Junction Overlook 
(Collection of the Artist)Canyon de Chelly, Black Mesa at Junction Overlook 
(Collection of David and Angela Chovan)Canyon de Chelly, Tsegi Overlook (Collection of the Artist)Antelope Overlook, Canyon de Chelly (Collection of the Artist) Mummy Cave, Canyon de Chelly (Collection of the Artist)Summer Evening Sky and Mesa (Collection of the Artist)Sky Over Round Rock, Arizona
(Collection of Artist)Afternoon Clouds, Rock Point, Arizona
(Collection of the Artist)Lukachukai Mountains, No. I, From Ben's House
(Collection Benjamin Barney)Lukachukai Mountains No. II, From Ben's House
(Collection of Benjamin Barney)New Mexico Landscape
(Private Collection)Crystal Mountains, Crystal, New Mexico (Collection of Laura and Stephen Selph)Sky Study No. I 
(Estate of Deborah House)Clouds, Twilight
(Collection of the Artist)Lake Asayai, Navajo, New Mexico
(Collection of the Artist)Breeze on Wheatfields Lake
(Collection of Maree Hampton and Corey Brinkema)Wheatfields Lake, Reflection
(Collection of the Artist)Wheatfields Lake, Chuskas
(Collection of Francie and Greg Andrews)White Cone Mountain, Wheatfields Lake
(Private Collection)White Cone Mountain, Ponderosa
(Collection of the Artist)Wheatfields Lake, Tsaile Peak
(Collection of Nancy Blair Mike)Tsaile Lake, Tsaile Peak
(Collection of Nancy Blair Mike)Tsaile Peak, Ponderosa
(Collection of Francie and Greg Andrews)Tsaile Lake, Reflection
(Collection of the Artist)Tsaile Lake, Afternoon Clouds
(Collection of the Artist)
Selections of early watercolors, "Meditations on Place"
The watercolors included in this group are a selection of images from twenty two years of summer residency on the Navajo Nation in NE Arizona. The southwest landscape in the region of the tribal college where I teach has offered much inspiration. The college sits in Tsaile, Arizona in the Northeast corner of the state. Tsaile Peak and the Chuska Mountains are visible from the college campus. Along with magnificent skies and celestial events (rainbows, stars and even a moonbow!) there are two beautiful mountain fed lakes near to the college that I have painted over and over again; Wheatfields Lake and Tsaile Lake. Large stands of old Ponderosas flank Wheatfields Lake; White Cone Mountain prominently rises above the lake. You will find them all featured in the work. And...the gem of them all, Canyon de Chelly continues to provide me with endless subject matter.